Mac Excel Recovery to Fix “The Application Microsoft Excel quit unexpectedly” Error

Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application from Microsoft, is the most popular and useful spreadsheet application. It is also available for Mac OS X operating system works the exact same way as it does on Windows machine. However, there are some situations, where you may find that Excel does not open certain files and you get errors. Such issues make your significant files inaccessible and put you in need of Mac Excel repair solutions.

You may experience this problem with any version of the Mac Excel application. Consider the situation to understand this problem more effectively:

  • When you start the application or open a file, the application closes unexpectedly.
  • At the same time, you encounter the following error message that makes the program inaccessible:
    “The application Microsoft Excel quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected. Click relaunch to launch the application again. Click report to see more details or send a report to Apple.”

It makes your significant data in the file inaccessible and you have to recover Excel files Mac using advanced recovery mechanisms to retrieve your data.


The most frequent causes of this problem are as given below:

  • Damaged Excel preferences.
  • Operating system issues.
  • Hard drive failure or corruption.
  • If the problem is with a particular file, file corruption could be the cause of this issue.


Follow the steps to fix this problem:

  1. Close all Office applications. The best way to do this is to restart your computer.
  2. Remove Excel for Mac preferences from Home-> Library-> Preferences-> Microsoft-> Office <version>.
  3. Preform safe boot to get rid of system related issues. It will fix the problem of interfering of background programs with Excel.
  4. Repair Mac OS X hard drive permissions using the Disk Utility tool. It fixes common hard drive related issues.
  5. Remove the existing installation of Microsoft Office for Mac and reinstall it. It fixes the problem of missing installation files or damaged installation.

If you do not get any success using the above steps, you need to use third-party recovery application to repair and restore the corrupted file. The recovery tools are designed to take care of all corruption problems and restore the damaged files cleanly.

By Subhash Chandra

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