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Mac Excel Recovery to Fix Corrupt Read-Only File

Are you unable to open an Excel for Mac 2008 file stored on the network drive? Do you get read-only file errors while accessing the file? If you answer is yes to any of these questions, then the file may be damaged. The corruption may take place if more than one user tries to update the file simultaneously. In such situations, you need to opt for Mac Excel repair solutions to extract data from inaccessible file.

Consider the below mentioned situations that you may encounter while accessing an Excel for Mac 2008 file from a network drive:

  • When you access the file, it fails to open.
  • You get the following error message when you open the file:
    “This workbook contains content that is not supported by Excel 2008 for Mac.
    To view the unsupported content in the file, you can open the workbook as read-only. However, if you change and then save the workbook, unsupported content will not be saved. “

It makes your critical data unusable and you have to recover Excel files Mac using advanced recovery techniques.


This problem most frequently occurs due to:

  • Insufficient access permissions.
  • Damaged preferences files.
  • Corruption to the Mac Excel file.


Try the following steps to fix this issue:

  • Check the network permissions and ask your administrator to give you read-write access.
  • Remove the Mac Excel or Office for Mac preferences and then restart your Mac Excel application.
  • Restore the file from the most recent backup on the Time Machine. This is the most effective way to extract inaccessible data.

If nothing works, use third-party recovery applications to repair and restore the corrupt Mac Excel file. Such tools are designed to scan the entire file using advanced recovery algorithms and restore the file to its original format.

By Subhash Chandra